If your school will be interested in a 'Meet & Greet,' Book read, Presentations, Q&A, or Drawing & Coloring Workshops, please contact us! We look forward to meeting you and your students!

Get Involved:

Our children are our success stories, our emotional journey's, and our legacies. Be the provider of encouragement, positivity, confidence, and a life lesson to each child. The happiness in their eyes is just one highlight from providing them a tangible resource. A book is a never-ending gift.

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School Visits

Our Mission Together:

We want to promote a positive outlook on reading. We do this in ways in which, we as a unit approach educating, teaching, and training with our creative backgrounds. We promote bringing a fun concept while reading, that will contribute to the spark already within the young child. All children have the potential, however; we want to excite it and give rise to their future commitment in reading. The will to empower and activate our young ones is an initial jump-start to introducing our colorful books. WaterFly Books are helpful and beneficial to the young readers. Academic skills are important along with demonstrating respect, self-discipline, courtesy towards others, sharing, and so much more.

School Visits Availability:

We are ready to travel to your location! Tell us when and where. Let's make plans!

On Site Visitation Fees: (Fees listed pertain to local North Carolina territories. If your school is located outside of the local North Carolina territory, please contact us for further information)

Meet and Greet Readings / Short Q&A, Story Time:

10 min. to 30 min. - FREE!

40 min. up to 2 hours: $200.00

Workshop - Drawing / writing. introduction to Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop programs, along with Creating your own story: $300.00

Grades our presentations are best designed for: 

Primary (K-2)

Intermediate (3-5)

Higher Grades - (Workshops or presentations only at this time unless there may be other requests that will fit the age group.)