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August 20, 2015

"I know I'm different. I view things in unfamiliar ways. Call me uncommon. I never like to follow; I'm not the social butterfly. However, I have my own set of wings. To be continued..." - Enjoy your morning thoughts along with your cup of caffeine... CJW

August 17, 2015

Thoughts: "Tell me what it is that you see - A glimpse into an undetermined destiny? A reflection of a powerful character? Maybe it's a discovery of courage, a perseverance established by subtle strength....If what you see mirrors a form of weakness, a sense of unworth or uneasiness towards speaking out loud, defend your significance; your virtue. Make an appeal to the quiet discomfort. You are your own advocate; you are the self-promoter. Be the champion. Be Inspired!" - CJW 

September 04, 2015

"A Fantastic Journey." - A wonderful adventure for any child to go on and be swept away in their never ending imagination! Come join in on all the excitement and open the first page of your new journey.- CJW

September 18, 2015

Get the time to take simple moments and maximize upon them if you can. There can be so many opportunities, but sometimes it's so hard to realize that they are right there in front of you.- CJW

August 28, 2015

"When a Grandma gives a WaterFly Book to her Grandson, he not only thanks her, he also has something to give. She will never forget the gift he gives her in return..." - CJW

August 18, 2015

"Create, explore, imagine, dream....No pictures of a vacation; no restaurant with decadent delights or aged wine. I've been nurturing my summer injury, entertaining my kids in my slight limp around the house, and still lecturing my husband on petty acts of 'frequent naps' after work. Sounds exciting? Well...my mind is at ease when I work on doing things I love outside of home life. DRAW!" - CJW

August 13, 2015

"I enjoy the little moments when my kids are playing with their toys, not noticing me while I sketch. At that instant, I am the photographer and my pencil is the camera. Yet, they are more than just a 'subject' or a 'quick study.' They are my certified existence; the seal on my humanity; my exuberance in two heartbeats. The comfort is that they know what I do, is all for them!" - CJW

August 14, 2015

"Happy moments...I remember these. Happiness is a repetitive behavior for these two. Their freedom is admirable. Their naive innocence makes me feel like an adolescent - childish; wanting to believe that everyone possesses this feeling at some point. Although, aware of our surroundings in life, we pretend badness does not exist at that moment. We laugh, we play, and we breathe it in..." - CJW