You can make a general donation or specify a cause/area, that  you would like your donation to go towards within ©WaterFly Company.

*With every 3 books purchased, we donate a book & Creative Gift package to someone in need. You can join us! Your Generous Donation Supports A Child, Teacher, Care Center & Your Community!

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With every (3) Books purchased, We Donate a book  & our WaterFly Creative Gift Package,
that's specifically engineered to help develop the creative senses of a youth. YOur Donations go directly to benefit the youth in many communities through  literary locations such as public & private school libraries, Elementary School Teacher's Classrooms, Children's Hospitals and Health Care clinics, Day Care Centers, After School Care facilities, Homes, and many other establishments where our young readers are!

We work with and donate our efforts and painted artworks to Non-Profits, Charities, and Individuals that are genuinely dedicated to helping struggling, in-need, or sick children. To continue doing this at the most & best of our ability, we will need your help.

Our Passion

Our company was developed with all things beneficial to children in mind. We are passionate about providing inspiration, encouragement, happiness, and creativity, which are valuable building blocks for an overall rewarding growth in a childs confidence and self-esteem.

Our Mission

we want to add to the positivity in a world that is populated with negative influences, damaging speech, pessimistic attitudes, and lack of appropriate praise and encouragement to our youth. These examples effect the potential growth of a creative mind. We want to be part of the positive!

How Will My Donation Be used?

Your donation to ©WaterFly  will be used to provide more creative material & literature for our young readers. You will be providing more tools to get more of our publications in print. You will be contributing to improving the way of life for our younger generations. Your generosities will also help us to provide our young readers with Exclusive 'WaterFly Creative Gift Packages' filled with creativity, happiness, and inspiration! Supporting the knowledge, the creative mind, and the happiness of a child goes beyond any given price. Be a part of our project of inspiration! 

What Have We Accomplished?

*As of now in 2017 alone, we were able to donate over 150 WaterFly Gifts and over 20 Children's Books to our youth & Care centers! We have handed out over 2,000 Bookmarks across the local district. we started our quest at the end of 2015. We are A very small company working at the impact and dedication of 100! Over 80% of our profit from 'WaterFly Stationery' has been put back into our 'WaterFly Books' for donation purposes. We have put smiles on faces and have granted wishes! We look forward to doing much more!

What Do I Get In Return?

When you make a donation to ©WaterFly, it goes directly to support the knowledge and creativity of our youth. You will receive notifications of our latest educational investments And at request, documentation of how your investment contributed to making an impact.

We would also like to offer you something additional for helping our youth get ahead in their reading & creativity.  You will receive a signed certification of your donation to '©WaterFly' along with a special gift from WaterFly. You will never walk away with nothing! 

Your 'Certification of Donation' - For our supporters that Donate.

(There are no annual fees or memberships required. To process your donation, you will make a secure online transaction through Paypal. This will also allow you to use any major credit card quick, safe, and easy.) 

 If you would like to be mentioned and not remain anonymous with any donation, simply make us aware by note in email or in the process of donation in the comment section. Thank you for your gracious and generous support!!!

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* Remember: Your purchase(s) and/or donation goes directly to support our youths! Being an independent company allows us to donate to our communities and charities. We create art and we share it with all.

Giving Back