Custom Artwork

Painted Portraits

UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS: Please understand that drawing a portrait digitally (on a computer) does not mean that it is not drawn by hand. Your portrait is first sketched, then painted digitally using a brush in the art program of choice. It's a precise and very structured way of drawing and takes advanced skill and technique in drawing as you would with pencil on paper. There are multiple ways to draw on the computer. This process is very timely. Know that years of education, training, skill, and hard work are involved when painting your portrait. You will get a great work of art!

Additional terms: We will contact you with confirmation of accepted image files. If your file is not accepted, it would be due to any obscene nature of the image or your file was corrupt and would simply need to be re-uploaded.  We will not accept rude, obscene images. Your portrait may also be used in ©WaterFly promotional items, such as marketing ads, emails, or any marketing materials for promotional use only, once your finished product has been completed. Your portrait will not be released for sale and should not be used by any other persons/companies without permission from the artists. Thank you!

Portrait Options

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TO START THE PROCESS:  Please send images only through email:  Some people will attempt to use Instagram DM (@waterflybooks). That method is NOT preferred or accepted. we request high resolution jpeg images through our provided email. The image you send will be the reference used to paint your portrait. The actual process to create your custom/original artwork does take time, resources, software, and materials. Keep in mind that it's an original piece of art for you. We ask that you please be patient and know that we will respond to your questions and requests in the order in which they were received.

DIGITAL PAINTED PORTRAIT:  Please see above Portrait Options for prices. If there are any  added accessories that are high in detail, this would be an additional fee added, which would be disclosed before the completion of the project. There is a reduced flat fee of the starting price of $50.00 per Digital Painted portrait. This is an original digital painted portrait in full color. (Only for limited time. Original start price is $70.00) (Note: this method of painting can take a few days for completion due to details.)

Wedding Portraits:  ALL WEDDING PORTRAITS OF THE COUPLE START AT THE PRICE OF $185.00 PER DIGITAL PAINTED PORTRAIT.  A WEDDING PORTRAIT OF THE INDIVIDUAL  BRIDE  STARTS AT THE PRICE OF $85.00 PER DIGITAL PAINTED PORTRAIT. Wedding portraits comes with a different form of intricacies and levels of details. If there are additional add-ons requested, there will be an additional fee. Expect your artwork to be completed no less than a two week cycle from the initiating start date.   (NOTE: THIS METHOD OF PAINTING CAN TAKE  up to weeks FOR COMPLETION DUE TO DETAILS and the order in which it was recieved.) Please make sure that all details / options have been finalized before submitting payment.

DELIVERY: Your image will be delivered to you upon completion through a valid email address in jpeg format and pdf format. You should be able to size your image to your liking once you have your image files depending on the quality of resolution your original image was delivered. Please specify the dimensions or scale of the portrait you are getting painted so we can make sure the resolution is printable at large sizes.


WHY IS MY PORTRAIT BEING EMAILED? This method is preferred simply, because it's less expensive for the customer, it provides you with multiple options, and you don't have to pay additional shipping fees. (Any printing of your portrait cannot be reproduced or printed for sale by any outside source, you, or the customer/buyer of the original painted artwork done by ©WaterFly. All Rights of the painted portrait belong to ©WaterFly. If reproduced by anyone for sale or distribution other than ©Waterfly, legal action will be pursued. Contact the artists for more information about personal distribution / prints). Your painting also comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity." This will be emailed to you along with your completed portrait. 

PAYMENT: Payment for your custom art work is required & accepted at the onset of confirmed consultation and approved jpeg image due to the timely process of creating original work. ALL MONIES WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY THROUGH PAYPAL WITH THEIR ADDED OPTION OF CREDIT CARDS. CLICK THE 'BUY NOW' BUTTON TO PURCHASE YOUR CUSTOM PAINTING.

Cancellation & Refunds: If an order needs to be cancelled before we have begun your original art piece, you can receive a full refund of your processed payment. If your work  is cancelled after we started the portrait process, unfortunately, you will not be able to receive a refund due to it being an original art piece belonging to you, the client. This is the reason why we make a confirmation with you, the client, before submitting payment & starting on your portrait.