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About WaterFly

WaterFly Has three branded areas that we specialize in.

'waterFly Books' assist in bringing imagination to life through Children's books with colorful illustrations provided for enjoyment and learning. We are dedicated to provide encouragement, inspiration, and creativity with each book. Our entire process helps to bring more meaning to the words written in our literature and to bring families together with interactive reading materials.

With each 3 Books sold, WaterFly  donates  a book and a gift to a child & a teacher, or hospital, care center facilities, dentists offices, Libraries, and other groups that may need reading material. We donate a complete waterfly creative gift package as well to many children to inspire creativity. We will also send these items directly to the child's home. This brings us joy and it's beneficial for all involved. Watch our 'My Company' video for more...


Everyone can benefit from our books and extension of creative magazines. there was a need to inspire others with our creative talents fueled through our love of art;  along with being  motivated and encouraged by the strength of family. 


'WaterFly Stationery' known as being more than ordinary, has recently expanded it's creative services to an array of cards,  invitations & Bridal magazines to make your special occasion as memorable and remarkable as possible.  Share your story the right way!

'WaterFly Photography' award winning portraits & lifestyle photos that have been featured in two photography publications presented by ©NIKON. WaterFly is also known to make historical statements.  accompanied by creative skill and background to capture the calm in motion; the noise in tranquility. Go take a look and see what's new!